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Umni helps hotels collect customer questions and turn them into pretrained conversational AI to automate customer support, provide a safe smart 24-hours self-service tool to the hotel guests, save on cost and resources, and optimize employees' performance by implementing an AI digital assistant.

πŸ“Œ Umni hotel's conversational AI module recognizes 500+ hotel topics with 5000+ customer questions behind it and keeps learning and growing with every customer question. Implementing it on the hotel website means having a smart assistant that knows the answers to thousands of questions from Day 1!

πŸ“Œ Don't have a website? Don't worry. This is a demo of a simple webpage that you can generate for your business together with the widget enhanced with voice, and the basics of your AI digital assistant on our platform - without any coding experience, in one morning while drinking your coffee!

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Umni hotel's AI digital assistant as a safe self-service customer support tool:

βœ” Works 24/7, instantly, in more than 1 language with many customers at the same time

βœ” Learns and grows with every interaction with a customer

βœ” Helps optimizing employee time by automating the routine questions

βœ” Assists new employees - the hotel compendium in their pocket

βœ” Allows the hotel to provide up-to-date information to customers in easy and safe chat or/and voice format

βœ” Available at any time on the hotel guests phone, simple and comfortable to use – no download or installation, easy connection through a click on a link or a QR-code scan

βœ” Allows the hotel to guide the customers to important information or actions by connecting the answers in the AI module to other sections in the assistant

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❓ πŸ€– doesn't have an answer to your question? No problem, it was scheduled for adding it to the AI database as soon as you asked. That fast.

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